Having something a little less formal? Maybe an open house, graduation, birthday party, tupperware party or even a toy party, let Gist Catering provide you with an appetizer menu that will be pleasing to your guest. Setup can be buffet style or station style, which will keep your guest moving!

MENU A1 $20 Per Person - Choose 9 list A items and 6 list BMENU A2 $15 Per Person - Choose 6 list A items & 5 List B items 
MENU A3 $13 Per Person - Choose 4 list A items & 4 list B itemsMENU A4 $10 Per Person - Choose 3 list A items & 3 list B items
LIST A (appetizer size)LIST B (appetizer size)
Chicken Wing Dings (upto three flavors)Assortment of Cheese w/Dipping Sauce
Stuffed Chicken BreastAssortment of Vegetables w/Dipping Sauce
Stuffed Chicken Breast - Fajita BallsAssortment of Fruit w/Dipping Sauce
Chicken Breast TendersAssortment of Quiche
Hot Sausage w/Peppers & OnionsDeviled Eggs
Meatballs w/Red Pasta SauceVegetable Pizza (cold)
Meatballs w/Brown GravyStuffed Celery Sticks (cream cheese)
Meatball w/Sweet & Sour SauceMushrooms in a brown gravy sauce
Meatballs w/Swedish SauceStuffed Mushrooms (bread mix)
Pork Roast Tenders w/Onion GravyRoasted Red Potatoes
Smoked Sausage BitsBroccoil Florets w/Cheese Sauce
Pigs (sausage) in a BlanketAssortment of Fried Vegetables (zucchini, Califlower, pickle) 

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Sirloin Beef Tips w/OnionsLIST C - Trays (serves upto 40 guest)
Stuffed Banana PeppersAssorted Meat Tray - $60
Stuffed CabbageCheese/Pepperoni Tray - $55
Shrimp CocktailVegetable Tray - $50
Shrimp w/Sweet & Tangy SauceFruit Tray - $50
Shrimp w/Butter Garlic SauceDeviled Egg Tray - $60
Shrimp - FriedBread/Cracker Tray - $30
Stuffed Mushrooms (crab mix)

Menus are based on 50+ guest. Above menu prices include disposable serving utensils. 15% gratuity added for catering staff or $25 -$100 delivery charge. Place settings available for $.50 per person (highgrade disposable). Customize your own menu and we will offer you a competitive price. Additional menu items available upon request. For delivery only option: Chafer wire stands $10 each. Steam pans $2 each. Chafer dish fuel heat $2 each.